This website lists interactive webtools developed by the team of the
Institute of Clinical Biometrics,
Center for Medical Data Science,
Medical University of Vienna,
to accompany their research projects.

Please note that the programs are prototypes:

We have extensivly tested the programs, yet we deny liability for results from these programs.

This website is under development, more repositories will be added soon.

Effect size measures and confidence intervals

effectsizeci - This webtool allows to compute several effect size measures for two group comparisons and associated confidence intervals (risk of an event, absolute risk reduction, relative risk, difference in survival proportions)

Sample size calculation

GINGER - The GINGER tool for designing multigroup animal trials

SimBa - Shiny App to facilitate assumptions and sample size calculations in Analysis of Covariance designs

Statistical modeling

Bend your (sp)line - Shiny App to demonstrate nonlinear modeling with splines and fractional polynomials. See also related STRATOS site with mirrors.

Survival analysis

AFT_Surv_Haz - Shiny App to demonstrate properties of various parametric distributions of survival times (Weibull, log-logistic, Gompertz)