This website lists repositories of statistical software packages developed by the team of the
Institute of Clinical Biometrics,
Center for Medical Data Science,
Medical University of Vienna,
to accompany their research projects.

Please note that the programs are prototypes:

We have extensively tested the programs, yet we deny liability for results from these programs.

This website is under development, more repositories will be added soon.

Statistical modeling

flicflac - SAS (c) macros for Firth’s correction in logistic, Cox and Poisson regression

logistf - R package for Firth’s correction in logistic regression (including FLIC and FLAC methods)

coxphf - R package for Firth’s correction in Cox regression

abe - SAS (c) macros for Augmented Backward Elimination (variable selection)

shrink - R package for Global, Parameterwise and Joint Shrinkage Factor Estimation

concreg - R package for semiparametric concordance regression

Survival analysis

pshreg - SAS (c) macro for Proportional Subdistribution Hazards Regression

coxphw - R package for weighted Cox regression (average hazard ratio estimation)

SurvCorr - R package for estimation of correlation coefficients with associated confidence limits for bivariate, partially censored survival times.

Explained variation

surev - R and SAS (c) programs for predictive accuracy and explained variation in Cox regression

PEVfrailty - R and SAS (c) programs for explained variation in shared frailty Cox models

NecSuff - R and SAS (c) programs for degrees of necessity and of sufficiency

relimp - SAS (c) macro to compare the importance of prognostic factors; for logistic and Cox regression

Simulation studies

simdata - An R package to generate simulated data sets

looplot - An R package for creating nested loop plots

Statistical tests for -omics

lim.lrt - R code for Left-Inflated Mixture model Likelihood Ratio Test

t.opt - R code for the Adaptive Trimmed (one-sided) t-Test

Last changes 23 May 2024